Year of the Horse, expanding the green energy economy

In 2014 begins the year of the horse, and in particular the wood horse, strong and stable, energetic, friendly and successful.


As we end the year of the snake, we can perceive ways to avoid failures.  Pollution wastes our efforts and our assets. With new technology we can count the drops of fresh water, inches of topsoil and chemical make-up of the air. We can measure how much we have polluted, and what is still available to support life. If we so choose, we can preserve the purity of water, the vitality of soils, and the cleanliness and health of our atmosphere. The carbon emissions from burning oil, coal, and natural gas are pollution that destabilize our climate and undermine our prospects for a strong economy. 

This is a time to end wasteful practices. We need to use energy more efficiently. We need to invest more in clean energy to reduce economic losses from carbon pollution, and reap greater profits. We need to use our resources thoughtfully, and plan for long lasting happiness.

In this year of the horse, we should celebrate our good fortune and turn it into long-term benefits for all. This is a time for people to celebrate their strength and stamina, their energy and vitality.  This is a year to be cheerful, friendly, and vocal, and to call on all people to work toward a vibrant, new green energy economy.



‘incompatible with organized global community’

“why inaction on climate change is “incompatible with organized global community, is likely to be beyond ‘adaptation’, is devastating to the majority of ecosystems & has a high probability of not being stable (i.e.  4°C [7F] would be an interim temperature on the way to a much higher equilibrium level),”  An Illustrated Guide to the Science of Global Warming Impacts: Why We know that Global Warming is the Gravest Threat Humanity Faces