Videos on-line: What is Happening?    How do we know?    What can we do about it?  What is wrong with other explanations?  Understanding misconceptions.  

Climate Science – What is happening

What is climate change and what we can  do about it

National Science Foundation series of videos about climate science covering questions in 8 categories: How  we know; The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC);  The carbon cycle; The water cycle; Earth’s heat balance; Climate Modeling; History of Climate Change Research; and What Americans believe.

Severe weather is climate change

Climate Science – How do we know?

What we know about climate change – Sinclair

Machine that monitors carbon dioxide

Showing how CO2 absorbs heat

Time lapse video of melting glaciers

Visualizing climate science- cartoon, graphics, , solar solar wind wave solutions

zFacts tabulating CO2 use

Climate Change – What can we do about it?

Mark Z Jacobson A Plan for conversion to 100% clean energy by 2050

Juan Verde ‘Towards a Green Economy’

Al Gore on averting the climate crisis connects the dots. Today’s weather catastrophes are signs of more to come. Citizen’s need to speak up.

Alex Steffan on Building a Bright Green Future

Citizen Action with William Marsden, Corporations, protecting their world, have taken over our democracy. Some European countries intelligent, like Germany, growing its economy with green energy.  At every level people need to get together and plan a new course.

Examples of new green technology for clean energy, efficiency and sustainable living

Carbon footprint, how to reduce your own footprint

Leonardo diCaprio recommends alternatives to our destructive addiction to oil

Story of Stuff.  The happiness concept, let’s measure happiness rather than accumulation of stuff, rather than GDP.

Transition to Renewables “ conservative-friendly, succinctly comprehensive, relaxed, convincing argument for transition, covers the science and the trends

Put a Price on Nature in economic planning   Pavan Sukhdev:   We are losing $2 to $4 trillion in natural capital, TEEB reports presented at UN in 2008

Wind Energy at the Crossroad. 2012.  This is the age of wind energy. The US government needs to support this industry that employs 75,000 people now. Powers entire city of Chicago. It will turn a profit without subsidies in a few years.

Plant a garden Roger Doiron My subversive (garden) plot TED

Climate change – What is wrong with other explanations?

Climate Denial Crock of the Week series of videos explains misconceptions and common questions. Complete list of videos is at:

The series includes: whether CO2 is better for growing things

Medieval Warming

How El Nino led people to claim that world is cooling since 1998

Urban Heat Island misconception

Hacking of climate science e-mails and credibility of scientific consensus

Anthony Watts’ claim that 1221 weather stations around US are not reliable and his study published by  Heartland Institute, which defended cigarette use. (Bird migration, flower blooming, fish  spawning, and  glacier melt etc clearly show global warming.)

Understanding misconceptions

Naomi Oreskes talking about the misinformation campaign by scientists, not climate scientists, with strong anti-communist ideology and opposition to regulating corporations, many of whom also opposed regulation of tobacco, smokestack emissions (acid rain), and chlorofluorocarbons (hole in the ozone layer).

Story of how I explained the science of global warming to leaders and how they resisted change by James Hansen

Senator Bernie Sanders  Climate Change Speech: Science Over Politics,

Sen Sanders on importance of EPA regulations

Bill Maher lays waste to global warming deniers with humor

‘I’m a climate scientist’  Beastie Boy take-off sung by real climate scientists

Sing for the Climate


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