“There are no passengers on spaceship Earth. We are all crew.”   Marshall McLuhan

Ready to speak up? Here are a few tips for talking to people about greening our economy.

Respectfully appreciate other people’s concerns and values. Explain that a green energy economy would protect what is most important to us, preserve our freedom and give us new opportunities. Share a story about a new discovery and business development in clean energy or efficiency technology.

Explain that continuing to burn oil, coal and natural gas is causing dangerous weather extremes, and risking catastrophic damage to our civilization. Refer to a credible source, NASA, NOAA, World Bank or BNEF.

Most people are concerned about global warming and willing to help. Share a suggestion for something people can do: sign a petition, send a letter, attend a meeting, or join an organization. Some people act angry as they learn more about climate change. Don’t take it personally. Studies show that the more people know about climate change, the more likely they are to agree that we need to stop it.

You can use this website to get information, read websites listed under Factual Sources,  watch recommended Videos, read Books, e-mail your questions.

Other things you can do:

Join a national organization, – send action alerts, and join in other activities. See Action Organizations

Join a local organization and participate in activities

Go meet with elected representatives and ask what they are doing to stop global warming

Invite a speaker to talk to your community organization, church, PTA,

Start a Library Book Group on environmental issues

Create a local calendar of educational environmental events

Organize showings of documentaries like Meaningful Movies in Seattle

Organize meet-ups on clean energy

Organize neighbors to participate in efficiency up-grades or solar installations

Reduce your own carbon footprint

Help your community reduce its carbon emissions

This Week’s Action:

Share your opinion; 

Write letters and comments to newspapers, magazines, blogs, radio and TV stations, businesses, and government officials.  Send your opinion and support it with a few facts and a link.

Corporations and governments have not taken action to halt fossil fuel burning and put us on a safe and responsible path to a clean energy future. They have been stalled by a massive misinformation campaign which is being paid for with the profits from our purchases of oil coal and natural

This is the communication era. We have the technology to amplify our voices. It is time for people of character, integrity, compassion and courage to speak up.

There is no debate about the science; that the burning of fossil fuels is the main cause of global warming and must be stopped to halt rising temperatures and consequent weather disasters. There is much debate about how we can work together to make this happen. So communicating between people of different points of view is important.

For e-mails addresses or phone numbers of your elected members of Congress, or the President, your Governor or federal agencies go to:

“We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over.” Aneurin Bevan

Take action through a national organization:    Earthjustice, because the Earth needs a good lawyer, a grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis   Independent direct action environmental organization   Creating the political will for a stable climate and a liveable world  American wind Energy Association   League of Conservation Voters,  turns environmental values into national priorities


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