Rigging the outcome, not

A comment on Huff Post: “Climate modelling [sic] is better than a roulette wheel because you can rig the outcome.”


   Of course climate scientists rig the facts, how else would they pay for their lab coats and tweed jackets on $100 thousand  salaries? They must be getting money under the lab table from the solar and wind industries or the pollution clean-up companies.

Someone should tell the oil, coal and natural gas industries that this is happening; surely they could offer bigger bribes.  They  spent $674 billion looking for new sources of fuel last year and pay their CEOs $20 million a year. They ought to be able to get the scientists to toe the line and stop them from badmouthing fossil fuels.

We need to stop the scientists from measuring everything, and from using computers, and certainly from using the internet to spread their doom and gloom.  It would be such a drag to have to convert the yacht to electric, the mountain house to solar and ground the private jet.

So, all those reports listing trillions of measurements of temperature,  water, ice & air chemistry, insect hatching, plant blooming, wind patterns,  and melting ice   the reports that hundreds of thousands of people died last year from injuries or lack of food and water related to extreme weather, the reports that  the US suffered $120 billion in climate related losses last year, tear up those reports. Fire the scientists at NASA, NOAA, American Meteorological Society, and the analysts at the World Bank.

Less ‘modelling’ [sic] and more yodeling!



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