Citizens Climate Lobby in D.C.


Just before the 4th of July, 370 members of Citizens Climate Lobby from the US and Canada visited Congressional offices to ask for passage of a carbon fee and dividend bill.  A tax on oil, coal and natural gas of $15 per ton of carbon dioxide equivalent, rising $10 per ton until it reaches $100 per ton,  to be collected at the first point of sale, the mine, wellhead or port of entry, this is the proposal. The recommendation is for revenue neutrality,  with all the money collected to be returned directly to households. Also, it would include a border tariff to protect against imports from countries without such a tax. Our use of oil, coal and natural gas has hidden costs; the government pays for military protection for foreign oil and shipping, disaster relief for accidents, flood insurance, and other help for people suffering from extreme weather of global warming from fossil fuel emissions.  By gradually making the fossil fuel industry responsible for  its real costs, our government can free up American clean energy businesses to flourish and  provide us with more choices at lower prices.



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