About this site

Green industries are the future.  Solar, wind, geothermal, electric vehicles, smart grids and efficiency are like computers in 1980 and cell phones in 1990, about to take off.  With a growing  market in these emerging technologies, we can increase profits, strengthen the economy and protect  natural resources.  We cannot keep burning fossil fuels. The cost of damages to infrastructure, businesses and natural resources from the emissions is far too high.

Some people, whether  for lack of information or misplaced loyalty, argue for continuation of the fossil fuel based economy. Citizens who understand  the risks of unchecked global warming have a responsibility to speak up. This site presents up-to-date research on the  economics of the transition to advanced  energy sources and and  on the science of climate change. It is hoped these facts and references will be useful for writing letters to editors and producers, commenting on media reports, and speaking in many forums.

This site is maintained by  Louise Stonington, a science teacher, lawyer, citizen activist, member of Citizens Climate Lobby and Climate Reality Leadership Corp,  available for speaking engagements in Washington State.

Questions and requests to: Louise Stonington   at    lstoning@msn.com

or send them to me in a bottle…..



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