Flood report all wet

KING 5 Weather Minds answered the question, “Why have we had so many 100 year floods?” with nary a whisper about  climate change, instead implying that it is just natural variability.


“The frequency of heavy downpours has increased by …about 12 percent in the Pacific Northwest,” according to Washington State’s Integrated Climate Response Strategy.  As for “Future projections: Climate models project an increased risk for more frequent extreme precipitation in the Northwest by the second half of the 21st century,….in the Seattle-Tacoma area, the magnitude of a 24-hour storm is projected to increase 14 to 28 percent during the next 50 years”

Communities deserve accurate media reports on the increasing danger to our civilization of continuing to burn fossil fuels so that we can better appreciate the opportunities for a more prosperous economy with efficiency technology and clean energy.