Green Economy can Reduce Long Term Health Care Costs

We can reduce worldwide health care costs by transitioning to low carbon energy that does not overheat the planet, according to a new study.

Climate related health issues include illness from diarrheal disease estimated to kill 2.5 million people per year now, and half again that many by 2030. The warming   climate is also expected to raise death rates from extreme heat by 20%,  from malaria by 15%, and from meningitis by 25%. Agricultural and water losses are expected to raise deaths from hunger by  42% by 2030.

Adding climate related losses to industry, natural resources and habitat to these health costs is expected depress the world gross domestic product by 3.2% per year by 2030 according to the Climate Vulnerability Monitor.  

However, with an investment of  0.5% of GDP, one sixth the expected losses from global warming,  in low carbon policies like clean energy, energy efficiency, and forest conservation, we could stabilize the climate, strengthen our economy and reduce human suffering.

This study is chaired by the founder of the Club of Madrid, and advised by  international expertise in economics, resource and risk management, science and energy.   


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