Green energy for freedom

To protect individual freedom, there are times when it is necessary to say ‘No,’

We are facing danger from an industry that has been a friend, that has given us wonderful things, comfortable homes, cars, better health and food. We are grateful for the gifts of the fossil fuel industry, the oil, coal and natural gas that have fueled and electrified our civilization. For over a century we have supported the development of oil, coal and natural gas with our purchases, government protection, and favored laws.

Yet now, it appears, burning these  fossil fuels releases excessive carbon dioxide (CO2) which is overheating the planet, intensifying storms, melting ice, raising sea levels, drying out fields, increasing rain and snowfall, and unbalancing our climate.

The good news is that there are excellent substitutes  for oil, coal and gas. Solar, wind, and geothermal can provide our  electricity, transportation and heat  with storage in electric vehicle batteries, hydropower and solar thermal, distribution with smart grids, and reductions in energy needs with efficiency technology.

To pay the capital costs of transitioning to different technology, the fossil fuel companies could use some of their multi-billion profits, corporate savings are high, we would use the trillions we spend on foreign oil, and savings from reduced military expenses for protecting foreign oil.

The staggering cost of damages from extreme weather will continue to grow, witness the  estimate of $60 billion as the cost of Hurricane Sandy.  A transition to green energy will be cheaper. It is time to say ‘no’ to the fossil fuel industry.

It will take a few years for green energy investments to start providing for our needs on a broad scale, so it is essential we start the investment now. To propel the transition, we should make the price of oil, coal and natural gas include the actual costs they incur. With a carbon tax, a fee on fossil fuels increasing each year, taxpayers could get some return from their tax money spent to clean up oil spills and storm damage and drilling and mining pollution.

carbon fee   on fossil fuels will allow solar, wind, and other green technology to compete on a level playing field. Some start-ups will fail; others will be consolidated. Entrepreneurs and industry will find the best new technologies, with the market choosing them.

Americans will have more freedom, freedom from rising fuel prices, freedom to buy American made energy, and export American energy technology around the world that will compete with the fossil fuel industry and win.

America can do this. Green energy is the future; we need to make it our own.


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