Why not export green technology?

The Port of Los Angeles is holding classes on exporting American products according to a WSJ report.


Green energy is the export opportunity of the century. Solar and wind electricity are competitive in many places already, and substantially cheaper than conventional options in underdeveloped areas.

Southeast Asia is a new growth market for solar PV according to speakers at a Bloomberg leadership forum.  Thailand installed 219 MW by the end of 2011 and aims to install 2GW more. Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia are taking steps to increase solar power.

India awarded contracts for 350 MW solar last December and is auctioning contracts for 20,000 MW more. A US solar panel maker is building solar capacity for utilities in the Middle East and Australia with sophisticated technology for integrating facilities with current networks.

If the US redirected some of the billions that we spend to defend foreign supplies of oil, and for cleaning up spills, and for covering businesses and homes against increasing climate related disaster into support for new clean energy industries, perhaps that would inspire corporations to invest more in American green manufacturing.

Fossil fuels supply 85% of US energy. Isn’t it time to let competitive American enterprise provide some alternatives that will get the prices down, and win new customers for American goods?


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