Electric vehicle plug in

  Nissan Leaf

50 electric vehicles parked around the fountain at Seattle center this weekend. Some owners displayed cost charts showing their savings.  Avoiding the purchase of  gasoline, with the federal tax credit and state sales tax exemption, added up to more than the additional cost of buying electric after a few years.

Comparing  expenses  of driving an electric Leaf to driving a gas burning 24 mpg car on a daily 32 mile commute, an owner could save $100/month on weekdays, and more on weekends.

18 fast charge stations allowing the Leaf and I MiEV to charge in 30 minutes or less are now available on the I-5 corridor in Washington and Oregon and more are on the way. Soon the West Coast Electric Highway will have fast charging stations every 25 to 60 miles from Canada to the California border by the end of 2012. . The number of charging stations increased by over 500% over the last year.

Electric motors are more efficient, they do not need cooling systems, or as much maintenance. A Smithsonian article reports that  in Kansas City, Missouri, the Smith Company is turning out 390 electric delivery vans this year and planning more factories around the country,. betting on a hot market for replacing the 3.3 million vans bringing socks and cheese to our neighborhood stores.


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