Sunbelt clean energy industry

Industries left the sunbelt for cheaper hires abroad, so workers should get more skills training, according to a WSJ writer.


Support for clean energy manufacturing would help the sunbelt.

There are already some bright spots.  In Georgia, for example, there are 20 wind energy companies and solar industries are hiring, providing thousands of jobs and growing.

Bloomberg analysts point to signs that clean energy is on its way to provide some serious competition to fossil fuel and some freedom for consumers to choose cheaper alternatives.

There is new investment in wind projects in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Spain with no  dependence on subsidies.

Small-scale residential PVs are increasingly popular because they can meet partial electric needs at lower prices.

In areas where wind power is proliferating, like Texas and Colorado, it is exerting downward pressure on the prices of conventional electricity

A few major industrials are now producing clean technology.

Every car company is instituting some electric models.

Demand for clean energy technology is  which was mainly in Europe, Brazil and North America, is now growing in China, Korea, Chile, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, India, Japan and Africa.

For American jobs, exports and profits, we should incentivize the energy companies to switch their investment from developing more and more expensive fossil fuel to setting up factories, in the US to manufacture clean energy.


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