Pricing carbon for market freedom

Blog comments about California’s cap and trade law:  “If you live in California, leave now if you can. Don’t allow yourself to be purposely robbed by marxist politicians…”


Cap and trade or carbon tax and rebate are basic market mechanisms to restore freedom in the energy industry.

Our freedom to choose cheaper electricity, on an open market, and profit from investments in American clean energy industry is being blocked. The fossil fuel industry now has control of 85% of our energy and 95% of our transportation. Their billions in profits are paying for political support for  government favoritism and media   campaign of misinformation in a fight against development of green technology.

Isn’t it time for an end to that energy monopoly?  If oil, coal and natural gas companies have to pay the government for what it spends cleaning up their spills, air pollution, and for damages to our economy and health damages, then clean energy would be more than competitive, it would be much cheaper.

George Schultz explains how clean energy is already getting to be a real bargain!


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