Solar and Wind Power Subsidies

Wall Street Journal Discussion question Sept 4, 2012:  Should Solar and Wind Power be Subsidized?


Yes.  It is in our national interest to produce power in America from many different sources, power that will get cheaper, and be better for our health.

The reliance on oil for nearly all our transportation needs leaves our military vulnerable to pressure from other countries, to price spikes, and to high costs of protecting foreign sources and shipments. In addition, foreign purchases pull money out of our economy.   Electric vehicle batteries, solar, wind and geothermal  technology are alternatives that American workers can produce, export, and afford to use.

The cost of oil, coal, and natural gas has not included the losses to infrastructure, communities and corporations related to the recovery of fossil fuels and the warming climate resulting from burning them.

We taxpayers pick up the tab for disaster recovery, flood insurance, higher health premiums, and food prices, lost tourism and other disrupted business. If these costs were included in the fuel costs, clean energy would be by far the cheaper option.

In addition, we have responsibility. Nearly half of the excess warming carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was released from the US.  It is time for us to strike a new course. The age of fossil fuels needs to be brought to an honorable conclusion. The profits from the fossil fuel industry, the money we send abroad to buy fuel, corporate savings, and government purchase orders would be available with  subsidies to help start up a prosperous new American clean energy economy.


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