Government should support green energy projects

A Washington Times editorial says the government burns cash by supporting green energy projects.

Our response:

The real burning of cash is the $350 billion that the US sends to foreign countries every year for oil purchases. It is the $600 billion of our taxes that are used to defend shipments. It is the $120 billion in damages to health, crops, timber and other things in 2005 from electric generation by coal and natural gas in Hidden Costs of Energy by the National Academy of Sciences. It is the $110 million/year oyster industry threatened by acid oceans according to a NOAA study.

The cost of continuing our reliance on oil is a quantum greater than the cost of encouraging the entrepreneurs, inventors, salespeople and investors of America to create a new green energy economy, powered by solar, wind, geothermal, batteries and other low carbon technology.

Shrinking from defense of our civilization against the ravages of global warming is not what I think of as American.



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