Green energy jobs

Light rail construction in Seattle, CHS blog

Media report of slower job growth.


A growing clean energy industry is the best way to increase job growth.

The petroleum industry requests for permits for more oil and natural gas pipelines state that they will spur employment.

Likewise, wind turbine manufacturers claim the same thing. Wind industry growth from 2004-9 prompted creation of 75,000 U.S. jobs and several thousand U.S companies according to John Regan of TPI Composites, Inc,, a manufacturer of wind turbine blades. John Purcell, a VP of the Wind Energy division of Leeco Steel said in a congressional hearings that extension of the wind tax credit would mean preservation or creation of 37,000 jobs.

An independent analysis of job creation at UC Berkeley Energy and Resources Group found that renewable energy would create more jobs per unit of energy than coal or natural gas. They estimate that combining aggressive energy efficiency measures and a 30% renewable portfolio standard could generate over 4 million full time jobs years by 2030.


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