Cheaper energy is in the wind


Wind energy will sweep us off our feet

A WSJ commenter uses small scale solar and wind in remote sites in the mountains of Arizona, but is not convinced of the viability of wind on a large scale.

Our response:

The U.S. could save $83 billion over the next 40 years by changing to a clean energy future according to a report by Synapse/CSI, “Toward a Sustainable Future for the U.S. Power Sector: Beyond Business as Usual 2011,”

According to Bloomberg analysts, “The world’s wind-power capacity increased 113-fold over the past 20 years.” “The improved efficiencies of technology and scale — the industry’s learning curve — reduce wind-power prices by 7 percent every time installed capacity doubles. The price for a megawatt of wind power dropped by almost half since 1991”

“ Countries with high power prices and strong winds are already past parity: Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Canada, the U.K. and Portugal.” “However in the best locations onshore wind is already competitive with fossil fuel electricity, and most wind farms in fair resource areas will be at parity by 2016.”


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